Sunday, 2 May 2010

SHOPPING - Seduced by Another Luella Bargain

Bargain Luella Top
Bargain Luella Top

Yep, the bargains at Luella lured me in again. As much as I was tempted by the dresses at £99 each I couldn't really justify the expenditure - I've bought so many dresses recently. Instead I looked at the tops and spotted one I liked. Usually purple is not my colour and I hate lilac, but the lingerie detail on this caught my eye and the gingham is so cute and summery it won me over. The fit was good too and I love the exposed zip detail.

If you're thinking of stopping by, you'll find tees for £20, shirts for £30, skirts for £50, trousers for £40. Bags are considerably more. Is it sad that I managed to memorise all the prices without even trying. Proof of a true bargain-hunter!

This top was originally marked up at £210 and I got it for £20... it's sad to see Luella go, but a great opportunity to own a designer garment for less. 

Bargain Luella Top
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