Saturday, 17 April 2010

OUTFIT - Going Dotty

Going dotty...

Sorry for the poor pic, but I just had to show you me blending in with a shop window display... how uncool! Regardless though, I do love the outfit I was wearing, firstly the spotty jacket was a steal in Miss Selfridge's sale section at £25 instead of £50 - I posted about it at an earlier post which makes me even happier to have found it for less.

The other main item I'm wearing is from Blue Inc and it's a dress they sent over that's got me loads of compliments at work and while out wearing it. It's a denim look, belted dress with mesh at the top giving it that almost strapless look. It fit like a glove which is always nice and I felt like it was a really flattering cut which was reinforced by all those compliments. Not a bad price either at £24.99. You can get the dress here.

I'm thinking of dipping my toe into the double denim trend with this dress as the wash is so dark it would be a subtle rather than stand-out nod to the trend. Unfortunately I'm pretty certain the jacket has now sold out.
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