Sunday, 18 April 2010


I grabbed a virtual chat with the lady behind online designer boutique - here's what Tara had to say...

Tell us a bit about yourself?
I'm 23 years old, I graduated from London College of Fashion in June 2009 with a degree in Fashion Promotion. As soon as I graduated I started to create Tara, researching the market and sourcing brands. I am an open minded, ambitious person, and I genuinely want women to feel and look great in the clothes that I sell.

Why did you open your shop?
I always new I wanted to have my own business, and fashion was my first choice as I had been studying/living it since I was 13, when I started drawing fashion illustrations. I love internet shopping myself and thought it would be a great opportunity to have an online fashion boutique with brands from all over the world that cannot be found easily elsewhere. There are so many mass produced clothes and I wanted to provide unique clothes where it minimises the risk of seeing someone with the same outfit as you.

What inspires you?
Where I live is inspiring, its in the countryside and is very tranquil, magazines inspire me, my friends, family, music - anything from Laura Marling to David Guetta. I can get inspiration from anything.

If you had to wear just one other fashion designer's clothes for life, who would it be?
I love Tavan & Mitto for beautifully tailored timeless pieces. The two guys behind the label are based in Canada but were trained in Europe and their attention to detail is fantastic. I also love Nocturne for clothes that translate from day to evening. Both are little known labels but I hope that my website will introduce both labels to a wider market. I am the type of person who likes to dress up during the day, I don't just save it for the evening.

Bllk Noir dress

What are your top 3 high street stores and why?
Zara - I've always had a love for Zara, reasonably priced, great basics, smart and easy-to wear fashion, Banana Republic for well priced classics with a twist, H&M for great throwaway fashion for all ages

What has been your biggest ever bargain?
In Las Vegas I went to the Ralph Lauren outlet store and saw these gorgeous navy blue satin high waisted, flared trousers - they were marked as $600 and were in the 70% off section but I wasn't sure if they belonged there, I tried them on and knew I had to have them. When I got to the till I asked how much they were and she said $20 - so I got them. I still think they were priced incorrectly.

What is your beauty routine?
As soon as I get up I put on Estee Lauder Day Plus... I always wait half an hour before doing the rest of my make up so it is fresh and lasts longer, Make up wipes are my saviour - I really don't know what life was like before them,

What do you collect?
I collect Vogue's from all over the world for inspiration - when ever I go abroad I pick up their latest issue.

Nocturne top

Which celebrity would you love to dress and why?
Jennifer Aniston would be great as everything she wears looks effortlessly sexy, she's beautiful and proves women can look better with age. I've always wanted to dress Liv Tyler as I think she is stunning but the clothes she wears are quite demure, I would love to get her to dress a little more provocatively.

Which celebrity do you think has the best style?
In my top two are Kate Hudson (as she knows what clothes suit her body), and Gemma Arterton who sticks to solid colours and sexy elegant shapes and seems able to switch from vintage to contemporary with ease

What is your favourite trend of the moment?

Wearing underwear as outerwear - simply because its a very hard trend to carry off but when done correctly it looks amazing.

How do you turn around a bad hair day?

I always plait my hair to one side if my hair is not working for me, usually I put mousse in it first leave it for a couple of hours then when I take the plait out I have subtle waves.
What would you wear on a first date?

You can never go wrong with a pair of skinny black trousers - check out the Bllack Noir leather panel leggings on my website - a pair of high heels (to assess their height) a plain top - also one piece of jewellery such as a fantastic piece from designer Fiona Paxton. I have some great statement cuffs from her collection on Tara Lacey.
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