Saturday, 10 April 2010

EVENT - Chevrolet's Spark Tour

Last night Chevrolet teamed up with some of the UK’s hottest music, design and style talents to stage a live music experience like no other and I was there to watch.

Thousands applied online via the tour website for a free ticket to the launch event of the Chevrolet Spark Unscheduled Tour held at the Vinyl Factory in London’s Soho. I had been to the Vinyl Factory before but this time the venue was opened up and looked much bigger. It's a great space and there's a ramp at the back which explains how they got the cars in - I did wonder!

Mystery Jets Spark Unscheduled

We got to see a live preview of the Mystery Jets eagerly anticipated third album due to be released in June. You can check out a video snippet of the gig above. Everyone joined in when they did 2 Doors Down - great atmosphere although some people did take advantage of the free booze a little - vodka ran out at 9pm but luckily they did go out for supplies.

I was also there to check out WAH nails who had their very own customised Chevrolet Spark in their signature pink leopard print. My friend just about managed to get treated to a free session from one of the fashion world’s leading fingertip artists but it was just in time... a queue of 3 hours! They might have to bring more staff next time as I don't think I would have queued if I'd known how long it would take.

The first ever digital light graffiti on a car from Lumacoustics was pretty cool too. The most striking thing of all though was the Chevrolet Spark DJ car, the world’s first fully functioning car DJ booth. DJ’s on the night included MEROK Wrecking Crew, Nick Grimshaw, Jack Penate and Bullion. I could spot Nick Grimshaw's hair a mile away with his curly quiff!

Graffiti Car Spark Unscheduled

Following last night’s launch event the public will be asked to vote for where they’d like the tour to go to next from a selection of cities and unique venues. Cities to choose from include Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool, Newcastle, Brighton, Edinburgh and Bristol with venues ranging from a drained swimming pool and multi-story car park to an old picture house and ferry across the Mersey. My vote's for Brighton! A ‘pop up’ gig will take place every two weeks through April to June.

Coco Sumner and Robyn Spark Unscheduled
Coco Summer and Robyn at the launch event.

The Chevrolet Spark Unscheduled Tour is FREE invite-only event visit - for more information on how to bring the tour to your area and win an exclusive ticket.

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