Monday, 22 March 2010

REVIEW - Braun Silk-Epil 7

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Until recently I'd never tried epilating, that was until Braun sent me their super-duper epilator machine that is the Silk-Epil 7 for legs, body and face. I was surprised at the number of handy attachments this came with and you can even use this model in water - who knew?!

My thoughts before I started were that it was going to be painful, and to be perfectly honest it is. Or at least, it is the first couple of times. On first use there are more hairs to be tugged on at once so you have to go slow and only do small patches at a time. Always pull the skin tight and go easy on more sensitive areas. Once I'd used it a few times however, I found that it was much less painful and quicker to do too. Usually with shaving I would have to do my legs every couple of days in the summer, but with this I could get away with much longer. It does feel like the hair doesn't grow back anywhere near as quickly and shorter hairs are picked up, even if sometimes you have to go over a couple of times. The light on the Braun Silk-Epil 7 is a great idea and makes it easy to see where to go, or spot any patches you may have missed.

It's advised to use this method of hair removal before bed so that any redness can subside before you have to leave the house. After using it I didn't get too much redness, certainly a whole lot less than waxing. I used some cool Aveeno moisturiser afterwards and it soothed and cooled the skin so it was barely noticeable that I'd used the epilator. The one area I did have a couple of problems with was my knees, I think I'm going to have to run the razor over those as I just can't get the hang of it and it seems to hurt more there than anywhere else for me.

There is a handy shaver attachment which makes this a versatile piece of kit. I tried the various attachments and they all work as well. I can't say as I'll be making a habit of using the one designed for the face, but hey, in a few years I might change my mind. Other positives are that you can clean it under water and once charged it can be used for ages. I haven't yet managed to run the battery out on it which is a good sign. Don't forget if you get one that it comes with a two-pin plug for bathroom use. If you don't have a plug available you'll need an adapter.


So will I continue using it? Absolutely. I wouldn't say I'm not going to use other methods of hair removal, because I will. My underarm area belongs to a good old fashioned razor, but when it comes to my legs this epilator is an ideal piece of kit to save me from slaving away, shaving away, every day through the summer.

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