Tuesday, 23 March 2010

FITNESS - Reebok EasyTone Trial


It was a busy weekend for me with yet another event, this time with Reebok. I'm going to be trying out the EasyTone shoes to see if they can help firm up my legs and bum a bit. In January I signed up to Fitbug so I've been walking extra since then anyway - Fitbug sets you targets and gives you a pedometer that plugs into your PC to track how you're doing. If there is a shoe that can ramp up the benefits of this extra walking that I've been doing then I'm keen to try it.

On Saturday was the briefing event where we got to ask lots more questions about the shoes, how they work and what we can expect in terms of results. The whole Reebok team were lovely and really helpful and knowledgeable about the product. After an intro from a fitness trainer and Reebok's marketing manager we were invited to take a walk in the shoes to give them a test run. When I first put them on I was surprised by how comfy they were, really well cushioned at the back and your foot really sank into the sole of the shoe. EasyTone are available at debenhams.com if you fancy giving them a go.


I'm planning on wearing these for a few hours at a time, not just 10 minute walks here and there, so I'm interested to see how they cope with my 10 miles on a Sunday. I'll be sure to report back here when I've given them a proper test-drive. I'll also be visiting the Reebok forum to see how everyone else is getting on too. My initial thoughts are that they definitely add a bit of resistance which you can feel the next day in your muscles. I've also tried other similar shoes which are much more expensive than Reebok's version - it's fab to see their technology is affordable. And they even have customisable ones where you pick the colours... now that sounds like fun!

Wish me luck with my walking and here's some more info...

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