Monday, 22 February 2010

FASHION - LFW Days 2 - 4

Day 2 for me began with a show at Victoria House, Bryce Aime. Afterwards I grabbed some lunch with the lovely Tor of Fab Frocks while we waited for the next one... Bernard Chandran which just so happened to be my favourite so far, although I'm still weighing it up against Bora Aksu... Above is what I wore, or at least, some of what I wore.

The House of Holland show was a bit of a circus with lots of queues and a fair few celebs. The models hair at the Henry's show was young and fun with loosely curled, high ponytails atop the girls' heads all provided by Sebastian professional - I've got a few products to try out so look for that coming soon on the blog.

I actually quite like the dashing around this end of London as it's not somewhere I generally hang out. I now feel like a know London a little better and considering I only moved here last July that's a nice feeling. The Vauxhall Fashion Scout programme is held in Freemasons Hall which is a fabulous building and provides some really interesting spaces to hold a catwalk show. Jacob Kimmie's show was located there and the models did a double looped walk through the arched gates of one of the rooms. Fab!

Here is Grazia's round up of the day 2...

I stayed home for the digital coverage of days 3 & 4 as my other invites weren't until Tuesday. Hopefully I'll have something more to report for you after that. I watched Julien Macdonald on demand which was pretty stunning, I was loving the use of lace and the delicate negligee style dresses. I also caught up with the Central Saint Martins MA show which was bursting with creative ideas - a mix of wool and plastic caught my eye in one collection, as did the sheer trousers for men in another.

I went to Graduate Fashion Week last year and I loved the fact that most of the collections had a real wow factor. I also think it's great to support the up-and-comers of the fashion world and many retailers provide funding for special awards to kick-start the careers of what could be the country's hottest new talent.

I'm planning on mixing fashion with technology over the next couple of days. I'll also be popping into the Technology for Media and Advertising exhibition to keep my finger on the pulse of what's happening in the world of web and social media. I love that side of things almost as much as dresses. It's all about the geek chic!
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