Saturday, 13 February 2010

DESIGNER - Alexander Wang AW10 at NYFW

The first live-stream show I've watched from NYFW was that of Alexander Wang and I'm absolutely loving getting to see of all the action. It's like being a fly on the wall at an exclusive celebrity party - who wouldn't enjoy that?

In the interview shown alongside the live-stream Alexander stressed the importance of keeping things relevant for his customer. This collection has moved on a lot from last year's AW collection with an influence from Wall Street and a woman's working wardrobe. Another term which I thought was important was 'Velvet de jour'. Wang explained that it's not just for evening and you see a lot of the fabric used in the latest collection.

Agyness Deyn was modelling in the show and knowing the closeness to designer pal Henry Holland it didn't surprise me seeing him alongside Pixie and Peaches Geldof in the front row waiting for the show to start.

fashion show designer 2010
And so on to the collection...

You can see that business woman idea from the get-go with the 3-piece suits, cropped suit jackets and tailoring. In other garments lines of studs created a pinstripe effect. Pinstripes in charcoal were contrasted with brown accents and chunky brown boots.

He's added a sexiness to it with cropped shapes showing midriff and flashes of skin. I could see people wearing these garments layered over other tops in a more mainstream way. Thigh high leg warmers and socks also give it an edginess but again, I'm starting to think that people might begin to wear these over tights as an evolution of things like Henry Holland's mock stockings and last season's all-singing, all-dancing leggings in every style, shape and fabric.

Grey, black, brown, burgundy and dark red were the key colours for the collection. But moving away from this slightly was an antique gold draped dress with tailing fabric and a nude dress with black chiffon and red velvet boots. These were some of the only pieces using a lighter palette. Otherwise it was mainly rich, dark colours.

Scarves were draped around the shoulders and tailing pieces of fabric swept the floor. Backpacks had long tails of fabric sweeping the floor too. The tailing fabric would be a nightmare getting stuck in tube doors though - not one to be practically applied I don't think.

Models had a sort of grunge look with dark eye make-up and almost greasy looking hair. Deliberate kinks appear to have been added to give the effect that the hair had been previously tied back. Grunge is here to stay people!

fashion show designer 2010
I was not loving: The floor-length leather coats and split camel coats.

I was loving: The look of the thigh high socks, but you need to have the legs of a model to pull them off. I loved the negligee style grey dress with lace panel detailing. It's nice to see backpacks again, perhaps come winter I'll be able to find a nice one on the high street to save my shoulders from the weight of my handbag. I looked everywhere this year to no avail. Another stand out piece was the leather wrap mini skirt - hot, hot, hot.

Check out the on-demand footage from the show for a better look at the collection.
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