Monday, 4 January 2010

WEBSITE - Fitness TV

I'm a firm believer that fitness should be free or, at the very least, affordable. So it's great news that there is now a free digital TV and online channel dedicated to health and fitness.

Fitness TV features an ever-changing timetable of workouts and dance routines delivered by some of the country's top instructors.  Just like a personal trainer, the channel allows viewers to tailor work outs to their own levels of fitness and interests and can be easily scheduled around busy lives.

Programmes range from children's classes including a mobility and balance workout for pre-schoolers, kids' yoga and street dance for teenagers.  For the more adventurous, there are boot camp-style workouts and dance-based exercise sessions, including Bhangra, Cheerleader and 70s Disco. There's even a High Heels workout for more glamorous viewers.

Fitness TV is available now on Sky 282 as well as being streamed live at and I for one will be checking it out. It's good to know you'll have some variety with workouts being regularly updated. It's far easier not to get bored that way.

Instructors on the new channel include amongst others, Pierre Pozzuto, who has worked with Keira Knightley, Christian Slater and keen marathon runner Gordon Ramsey, champion kickboxer Sy Chenh and Elise Lindsay, personal trainer to Coleen Rooney.
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