Tuesday, 2 February 2010

REVIEW - Champneys Thai Royale Body Polish

Champneys manicure and body scrub

Last week I was kindly given a tub of the new Champneys Thai Royale Body Polish and today I gave it a whirl. Funnily enough, body scrub was on my shopping list anyway, I just hadn't got round to buying one yet. I love the smooth skin feeling that you get after you've just used a scrub because it makes you feel that bit more alive and invigorated. I don't enjoy that gritty feeling that seems to stay in the bath no matter how many times you rinse it, but it's a small price to pay for radiant skin.

The Thai Royale Body Polish smells delightful and feels gorgeous on the skin. Instead of sugar or salt it contains ground rice particles for gentle but effective exfoliation. The pot costs £10 but will last you a little while so makes for a guilt-free treat now and again. Other products in the range include a body cream, shower cream, bubble float and beauty oil and I'd definitely consider trying some of them or buying them as a gift for mum this Mother's Day.

I also had one of the manicurists give me a Champneys manicure which 1 week later is only just starting to chip, very impressed with that! I chose a nail polish in Damson which coincidentally almost matched the Thai Royale product range's packaging perfectly. The nail polish is durable and glossy and it lasted well even though I gave my nails no special attention. They sell at £5 which isn't too steep in my opinion. My nails weren't in great condition just due to winter weather but I'll be making sure I carry my cuticle oil around with me to combat dryness and flaking.

Champneys home nail polish tips:
  • For salon-perfect nails ensure nail tips are smooth, even and nails are clean.
  • First apply a base coat to the nail and allow to dry. This will prevent your nails from yellowing and make your nail colour last longer.
  • For best results apply two thin coats of colour over the base coat. The first coat of lacquer instantly bonds to the nails and the second coat fuses with the first to create a flexible web of colour that resists brittleness and chipping.
  • Ideally, finish with a single layer of clear top coat to help seal the colour and extend the life of your nail colour.
Visit the Champneys website for more info on treatments and products.
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