Sunday, 3 January 2010

HEALTH - Improve your lifestyle in 2010

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New Year's resolutions don't last long so this year I'm not making any. I am however taking steps to be more active and hopefully this year I can keep it up. I've also tested out quite a few products and fitness ideas over the last year so I've pooled some of them together for you here. I hope you find some inspiration.

Workout DVDs

Convenience is a must for me when it comes to keeping fit. That's why keeping a few workout DVDs you enjoy doing to hand is really useful. My latest is Gaiam's Pilates AM/PM mat workouts which features two routines one for waking up in the morning and one which is better for winding down. I also gave Billy Blank's Abs Bootcamp a go (it's a killer). My favourite DVDs of all time though is the Ministry of Sound Pump it Up series, because I find the music is really motivating. Good tunes help me work out for longer.

Diet supplements

Some people might resort to desperate measures, I know I have in the past. Just always remember what they say on the packaging... 'when combined with a calorie controlled diet'. Supplements are their most beneficial if you are already taking action to be more active and watch what you eat. They are very rarely the quick and easy answer to a weight problem. I've been testing out a couple of big brands, one of which is Appesat. I was quite impressed with Appesat as it works to actually make you feel less hungry. These in my opinion are the best kind of supplements as they encourage better eating habits and when taken correctly, you can shrink the size of your stomach which in turn makes you want to eat smaller portions. After taking a couple of tablets I could easily go till 3pm without feeling hungry (unheard of for me). The only issue I found was that they needed to be taken 30 minutes before you eat a meal. It's really easy to forget to take them.

Another brand with plenty of press coverage is LipoBind which works in a different way to the supplement above. Lipobind is reported to prevent up to 27% of the fat you eat from being absorbed into the body. When I took these tablets I didn't feel any different afterwards which means it's all too easy to carry on eating as normal. I don't think these would be particularly effective unless you were also drastically altering your diet, in which case you could probably save yourself the money and go it alone.


This trial was a bit of fun, I downloaded a 25 minute hypnotherapy recording from Space To Be that you are advised to listen to regularly. The recording, Hey Gorgeous, is said to help you become happier with yourself and your body. Before you reject this entirely, I have to say that the actual hypnosis part seemed to work. I would listen to it in bed, fall 'asleep' and wake up as the lady's voice counted me back awake. Unfortunately though, I didn't feel much more confident for it although I was pretty relaxed. Perhaps someone else will get better results.

My next venture will be FitBug... I'll let you know how I'm getting on soon.
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