Wednesday, 27 January 2010

GADGET - Testing Out The Nokia N97 Mini

Nokia N97 Mini

I've been giving the Nokia N97 Mini a try this week, so it's about time I let you guys know what I thought of it. And just to clarify, this isn't a techie, spec based review. It's my perspective on the usability and features of the phone... there are plenty of technology blogs that can do the tech talk better than I can.

As a blogger on the go, I can't live without internet access on my phone now. Twitter, Google maps and search engines are all invaluable tools for my everyday life and I need access to them whenever the situation arises. There are many phones that can do all of these things - my current phone is the G1 Android - so I was interested to see how the Nokia N97 Mini compared.

The phone feels really solid and well made with a sturdy sliding screen which reveals a mini keyboard - handy for texting, twitter and the like. It's also got touch screen functionality so you can still use the phone with the keyboard panel hidden away.The touch screen is pretty easy to use but sometimes there was a slight delay after touching something before it opened, but perhaps that's just me being very impatient. I really am dreadfully impatient!

The start page is customisable and allows you to keep track of things like Facebook with ease. I much prefer scrolling through the application icons than using the start page just because there are too many applications that I use regularly to fit on the front page - I'd rather keep it quite clutter-free. But it is handy to be able to put your most dialled contacts right there on the front page for ease of access.

Web access was fairly fast and you can copy and paste text quite easily which is a plus, especially for avid social media fans. I was also really impressed with the phone's battery life which far exceeded my current phone so it would last a busy day commenting on Fashion week without a hitch. The number of applications that the phone comes with is impressive, everything from Youtube, Amazon, Myspace and Facebook to a handy podcasts area. A maps feature is definitely a must-have and this phone's got Ovi maps all built in so you won't get lost with your Nokia sidekick in hand.

The camera on the phone is fab and has a good flash, something which a lot of competing phones have not been able to offer, my own included. This is perfect for snapping and sending images straight up to Twitter even in poor light. Think of all those boozy nights out that could be instantly immortalised forever on the web, no wait... that might not be so good.

Overall I like the look of the phone and it's definitely pretty small and neat for what it can do. I wouldn't say it has won me over in terms of switching from my current phone though, but then it also depends on what kind of deals there are. I liked that there are so many applications already set-up for you to make it easy to maximise use of the phone. Just make sure your contract allows lots of internet access as almost everything this phone does will require it.

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