Saturday, 16 January 2010

COSMETICS - Liberty Welcomes Ellis Faas

 Ellis Faas cosmetics review

There's an exciting new beauty brand coming to Liberty. On 1 February, Liberty welcomes Ellis Faas cosmetics and although I first got wind of this late last year, I received some samples to test out this week. Exciting!

The brand has a new colour concept and innovative packaging all conceived by make-up artist Ellis Faas, who was described by Vogue Paris as “one of the most influential make-up artists of her generation”. Praise indeed! The collection is fairly new having only been about for a year. It started off as 27 lip products and has recently been expanded to include 14 eye shadows, 2 mascaras, 2 eyeliners, 8 foundations, 8 concealers, 4 blushers, 3 powders plus an ingenious and stylish Holder to contain and easily carry around the various products.

Ellis Faas cosmetics review

I tested out the following:
You'll notice from the picture above that this brand of cosmetics has been packaged differently to most. Everything comes in a silver, elongated bullet shaped pen and the product comes out of the brush at the top by twisting the bottom part of the container. It seemed odd at first, but once you start applying you see how easy it makes things. It's also a fab idea for carting things about in your bag as nothing takes up much space.

The lip colours come in 3 types, creamy, milky and glossy. I tried a milky red which had a little shine but not too much. The colour was the type of red that can be worn by anyone, very flattering. It goes on almost like a stain, and you can wear it sparingly for that lip stain effect, or layer on thicker for the look of lipstick. It didn't last all day or anything, but the colour only needed applying every few hours and that's taking eating and drinking into account. Definitely a fan of this colour and will be using it often.

Next up was the creamy eyeshadow. Again this comes out in liquid form, and I'm not usually a fan of liquid eyeshadows... you always get a creasing effect no matter how much they try to make you think otherwise. This eye colour however, is different. The colour goes on quite heavy, and you've got a minute or so to blend it in with a brush or your fingertips. After that it's stuck fast - this really does last all day and night and looks the same at midnight as when it was first applied. I wasn't over enthused by the colour as I don't wear much brown, but once I'd coated a shimmering powder over the top it looked great. I would recommend it. Might have to invest in a better make-up remover though.

Ellis Faas cosmetics review

Lastly was the blush pen. Definitely more compact than taking a blusher pot and brush which are easily damaged in your bag. You dab a little in the centre of the cheeks and blend for a rosy glow. This is good just on the apples of the cheeks, but trying to spread it any further is difficult. Probably my least favourite of the three products, but definitely still useful to have in your kit.
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