Monday, 28 December 2009

THOUGHT - Product Packaging Pet Peeves

When it comes to the packagaing of the products we buy, we're all influenced, even if we think we aren't. But what happens when that packaging isn't functioning quite how it should.

Christmas time 2009

The reason I bring this up is I've just got out the bath and managed to (yet again) take a chunk of skin off my knuckle while trying to do the simplest of things - open the cap of my shower gel. The brand in question is Dove and although I love their shower gel, I detest the packaging as the cap has a habit of snapping shut against your thumb when you try and open it. Most of the time this is fine, but every now and again it catches the skin and takes a chunk of skin with it. Dove... sort it out.

On the winning side of this packaging issue though is Aussie. Their 3 Minute Miracle conditioner bottle is a work of genius. There's no cap to unscrew or flip open while your hands are all soapy. All you need to do to get the product out is hold the bottle over your hand and gently squeeze. The clever keep-clean opening reacts to the pressure and then closes straight up afterwards leaving behind no mess at all. I applaud you Aussie! I also heard it from the heads of Aussie there will be some special edition bottle designs coming up in 2010 so keep your eyes out for those.

1 more thing for my rant... I wish perfume bottles were reusable. If they were, I'd fill them up with water for a refreshing scented mist. Most bottles are sealed shut making this sort of thing impossible. I appreciate that manufacturers want us to buy more perfume and also want their scent to be sealed in the best possible way to maximise its life, but would it be much to ask to make them screw top?

What are your product packaging pet peeves?
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