Wednesday, 30 December 2009

HAIR - Mark Hill's Party Hair Tips

This party season is all about sexy unstructured hair but this can be tricky to achieve unless you know how. Super stylist Mark Hill has come to the rescue with a range of easy to achieve hints and tips for party perfect hair. He's used to being trusted with top celebrity's locks so he couldn't be more qualified.
  • Sometimes shampooing and conditioning your hair before a big night out can make your hair too soft and difficult to style.  Instead, use Instant Glamour Dry shampoo which will leave your hair revived, refreshed and ready to restyle
  • Think about what kind of look you want to go for, and what you will be wearing.  Your hair should compliment your clothes, not clash.  For instance, if your dress is off the shoulder, putting your hair up, or over to one side, can emphasise your neck or special necklace.  However, just by pulling a few loose strands down to fall on your shoulders will soften the look completely, adding a very feminine and a softer touch to the style
  • Don’t go for a radical style or colour change on the day of your event.  Visit your hairdresser a week before, giving you a little time to play with your new look
  • If you are having your hair styled at a salon, remember to put a buttoned or zipped top on   Many a time I have heard of people taking hours to get the perfect hairstyle, only to find they cannot get their polo-neck off!
  • There’s only one way to wear your up-do this season and that’s seductive and tousled. Unstructured up-do’s are not only sexy but are low maintenance even when you hit the dance floor.  The looser the hair becomes, the better!

I personally love Fearne's half up side sweep for a laid back but striking, New Year's Eve look.
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