Sunday, 6 December 2009

EVENT - Party Skin Lesson at Dermalogica

party skin event

My first visit to Dermalogica's modern Kensington store was for an event with Qype UK. The Party Skin event is designed to tackle those seasonal skin woes that come from burning the candle at both ends and eating and drinking all the wrong things. We all do a bit of that during the festive season right?

After arriving a bit late, and getting somewhat flustered it was time for us all to sit round a table and admit how truly terrible our skincare routines really are. Mine tends to be good half the time, and nothing the rest - all depends on how much time I have. We got to put on some rather attractive disposable hair bands to sweep hair away from the face.

We were given a presentation and had the opportunity to test out a range of products. I managed to drop the messiest one into my lap which wasn't good, but apart from that it was a valuable experience.

party skin event

Here was our trial routine...
  1. Pre cleanser
  2. Cleanser
  3. Micro-exfoliant
  4. Multi-vitamin mask
  5. Booster
  6. Face spritz
  7. Moisturiser
We got some great tips along the way which I'll be keeping in mind:
  • Avoid harsh granular scrubs which can be tough on sensitive skin
  • Only use a rice grain sized blob of eye creams and stay away from the tear ducts
  • Make a cool aromatherapy compress by putting a flannel in the fridge with drops of essential oils on like lemon and ylang ylang - use it when feeling hungover
  • When using tea bags on the eyes, use Red Bush tea or chamomile
  • Breakouts on the foreheads are often caused by eating the wrong food, round the jawline by stress, and around the mouth by hormones
  • Products with red raspberry can help tone down redness
Then I had some face mapping done. Mine was very brief, but also very accurate. My skin is quite clear so I wasn't recommended many products at all. I always find that to be refreshing as it shows they care about your skin, not just making a profit. Amazingly, my consultant knew instantly that I had a dairy intolerance (showed in my forehead apparently) so the outcome from the evening is that I really should stop eating cheese.

party skin event

The skin mapping is free, so it's definitely worth popping in for some advice. Be aware though that the products are pretty expensive, so unless you have skin concerns I'm not sure it's worth buying the full kit.

Check out the Dermalogica price list
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