Sunday, 29 November 2009

HOSIERY - Damart Slimming Tights

slimming tights smooth cellulite
Recently I was given the opportunity to test out some slimming tights from home shopping brand Damart. These tights are made with Microcapsules of caffeine, green tea and red wine attached to the fibres of the fabric to release their slimming properties as you move. It seems a tall order but I was prepared to give it a go - anything that might combat the dreaded cellulite deserves to be investigated...


The quality of the fabric is strong and lovely and soft too. They didn't look any different to usual tights which is what you would hope. My major issue with the tights is that they were far too short in the leg. Now, I am 5ft 3 (almost) and that makes me petite. I'm not sure how anyone with longer legs than me would get on with them. I wore them walking round the streets of Rochester, and ended up having to pull them up all the way round. I just don't think they had quite enough stretch to make them completely wearable, either that or my rather large behind is even bigger than I thought.


In order to get the results, I imagine you would have to wear them a lot. From what I've read about similar pairs, you'll get the most benefit from the added 'ingredients' in the first few wears - they surely can't work much after a few washes. If you wear tights all the time and have a small frame then these might work for you. Get a few pairs and give it a go. For me though, it just wasn't enough to tempt me away from cheaper tights. I'll just use the firming cream each evening instead because although my legs felt smoother after wearing these, I'm not sure you could see any more drastic results than that.

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