Monday, 9 November 2009

ACCESSORIES - Win a Bag With Kinder Bueno

win a designer bag
A new social group of young, fashion-conscious women is emerging from the economic downturn – the accessorista, women who accessorise and recycle their wardrobes with every season.

Recent Kinder Bueno research has revealed that women have become a lot more money conscious when buying for the new season. They are still shopping and buying into current trends, but in a different way – buying smaller treats, accessorising and bargain hunting rather than purchasing whole new outfits for their wardrobes.

Knowing how much girls love their accessories, Kinder Bueno is offering you for 100 days the chance to win your very own must-have designer bag in a daily prize draw. Running until December 2009, participants simply need to log onto to enter the free prize draw and win a little bit of what you fancy!

In a UK survey of 2,000 women, Kinder Bueno also found that:
  • Shoes are the most common treat, closely followed by jewellery, handbags and hair accessories.
  • Nearly 60% of women polled revealed that they tend to treat themselves when they need a positive boost.
  • And this spending is doing wonders for self esteem and positivity too - when asked “how does buying a little bit of what you fancy make you feel” – 60% said it boosted their confidence, enhanced their well being and mood and felt good because they had only spent a small amount of money, yet had a whole new outfit.
  • On the whole, accessorista’s are saving £127* – enough to put towards a new Hermes scarf, Jimmy Choo leather clutch or Miu Miu ballet pumps.
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