Sunday, 27 September 2009

HAIR - An Appointment with Aussie

I, along with a whole host of fab other bloggers, signed up to be part of the Aussie Angels project to be pampered and give feedback on Aussie products. Aussie kindly offered to give my hair the star treatment with an appointment at the Stafford salon just off Regent Street and naturally I jumped at the chance. Being pampered is always a yes in my books and it was especially well timed as I spent the whole day traipsing round London Boot shopping. I took along my friend Stacey with me to get her hair done too and met with some other bloggers and the lovely people heading up the project.

First thing's first, Aussie products smell simply delish... I've not stopped sniffing my hair, it's probably starting to look a bit creepy. The fragrance is probably a cross between melon and bubble gum, yummy! The salon was hugely spacious and I started by having my hair shampooed and conditioned, the best part of which was the amazing head massage I got in the process. Doesn't it just make you want to fall asleep right there?

What they used on my locks...

As for the hair style, I went for some loose curls as I never really do that style myself, partly due to laziness and partly due to it never turning out quite right. Thomas, my stylist, made curling my hair look extremely easy and I was honest from the start about my fringe being a bit of a DIY job... he kindly finished my hair off and tidied it up with a few snips of the scissors. Although, he did say that I wasn't too far out. Perhaps he was being polite!

Stacey went for a bit of extra volume which looked great, but did mean she was over and done far quicker than me and my curls. More drinks and nibbles for her then!

I've used Aussie products before but I don't remember them smelling that good. I've been using some rather cheap and cheerful shampoo and it's definitely no match at combating the frizz compared to Aussie. The funny thing is, everyone I ask raves about the 3 minute miracle product, but few ever use the rest of the range. Perhaps it's because the other products are not advertised so much but I reckon it's time to give it a go...

On a side note, I'll probably be going back to that salon too. Lovely peeps and a discount on my next visit. One of the stylists even does the hair for Strictly Come Dancing and has Swarovski encrusted hair straighteners. Jealous much... err, yes I am.
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