Sunday, 19 July 2009

DESIGNER - Catharina Eden's The Jewelled Spine Collection

new fashion design dress collection
Catharina Eden launched her label, The Jewelled Spine Collection, with an event in London's Beach Blanket Babylon last week. I really wanted to go check it out, but unfortunately a hectic first week living in London prevented me from going, so I had to go by the images alone. There is something dream-like and innocent about the clothing which makes each item really appealing, especially to a girlie girl. But most importantly, the designs are wearable, something which so many designers can forget in search of uniqueness.

new fashion design dress collection
The work is autobiographical in that Catharina looked to her own memories and childhood for inspiration. It was also a collaboration with artist Robert Burton who is a specialist in printing techniques. The spine was chosen as an element of the collection because it signifies strength, something important in every one of us.

new fashion design dress collection
The dresses each had their own idea and influence behind them...

The Introvert Short
Revealing only a little bit at a time, each hand printed layer tells about those things
most precious and important to the girl. You can only see one layer of printed fabric at a time, but further investigating reveals more beneath the surface. Prints by Rob Burton.

About a young girl trying to find her self and peace within. Being free and finding her own wings.

Dreams are Woven
Woven in a dream. It is about how everything is interlinked and you never know how different things tie in together in the end forming one. Just as something in the past can tie in with something now.

Pandora’s Box
Like a child carries their most precious possessions with them at all time, the dress is actually a bag in which to keep these objects safe, buried deep in the pocket. Prints by Rob Burton.

Having your head above the clouds, gazing at the stars. Being an eternal dreamer. Having the optimism of a child.

Jewelled Spine
Showing the full beauty of the spine, which is the source for strength from within. An inspiration and a powerful influence on the body, mind and soul.

Combining the jewelled strength with the carousel horse memory, this dress is the start and the finish of the collection. Prints by Rob Burton.
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