Monday, 8 June 2009

FASHION - A New Nautical Look

If there is one thing that New Look has always done well, it is the nautical trend. Each season we see a new version of the nautical look; it always seems to creep into the fashion consciousness with the style savvy adopting and adapting the style to suit them. The great thing about the look is that it works on everyone. Just avoid too many cutesy details, or you will end up looking more 'toddler' than 'trendsetter'.

This circle, high waisted skirt with flower buttons, looks as if it were thrifted straight from a vintage store, but no. You can pick it up in New Look for £18. nautical trend new look

If I didn't already have a fab pair of red wedges, then I would buy these wicker wedges for a bargain £20. Not only are they bright and cheerful, the wedge heel makes them much easier to walk in after a few post-office cocktails.

nautical trend new look

And to finish the look off, pick up these white cutout sunglasses for £15. Perfect for deflecting the sun on the beach this summer.nautical trend new look
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