Wednesday, 10 June 2009

FASHION - GFW Tights Trends

Hilary Wells (Somerset College)

Colourful tights were the order of the day with two-tone, Chanel style tights in contrasting hues and bold statement legwear. Many students chose to show off their pieces with tights - some plain, some highly patterned. The orange tights are always one to avoid though I feel, everyone automatically thinks of Oompa Loompas, blue also reminds me of smurfs and green of Robin Hood. If that is the influence you are trying to convey then great, if not, opt for a different colour. The colourful tights are a way to throw another colour into the mix and can work to create contrast and make the garment stand out even more. The fashionistas of Gossip Girl are regularly seen sporting coloured tights in the programme.

Carol Tai (Manchester School of Art)

Daniel Pollitt (Manchester School of Art)

Abigail Williams (Somerset College)

Something else that you couldn't help but take note of, was 'tights over shoes' as worn by the ladies modelling Katie Webb's (Manchester School of Art) collection. I personally thought this looked really cool, and helped to show off the clothes. Clearly not a practical option for the mere mortal though; you would go through a pair of tights a day with the muck and grime that would be picked upon them. If you are going Ice-skating, then the look is more likely to work in real life. Chictopia talked about wearing tights over shoes last year, check it out.

Katie Webb (Manchester School of Art)
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