Wednesday, 10 June 2009

FASHION - GFW Going Full Circle

Catherine Duncan (Manchester School of Art)

Featuring heavily on the runway at Graduate Fashion Week on Tuesday were round and circular details. Some subtle, some not so. Pom poms were present in several of the knitwear collections including that from Catherine Duncan (Manchester School of Art). Pom-poms were added to the necklines and sweeping hems but I also noticed more than one collection using the bobble hat. Circular or disc like sequins and embellishments found their way into a fair number of garments too. Catherine Angus (De Montfort) even had her models stroll along carrying knitted and crochet covered balls. They looked to me like something that could work in an interiors setting too.

Catherine Angus (De Montfort)

Round jewellery inspiration was certainly present. Natasha Bosworth (Somerset College) used over-sized pearl jewellery in her 'Vintage wrapped in pearls' collection. Models clutched pearls in their hands, and one wore them draped at the back of her dress. Another graduate from Somerset College, Kimberley Startup, accessorised her circus-like outfits with bright pom-pom style wrist adornments.

Natasha Bosworth (Somerset College)

I didn't get to take any runway pictures of her collection, but April Schmitz's (Epsom UCA) collection really stood out for me. So much hard work must have gone into her garments as the details were incredibly complicated. The eyelets and metal rings were an original idea and teamed with leather and metallics, they made for a striking and memorable show. Circle details also appeared on the exaggerated shoulders in one of her jackets with the reference even going down to the finger loop attached to the cuff of the jacket and zipped pocket sections on the front of the shoulders.

April Schmitz (Epsom UCA)

Kyley Dodd (Epsom UCA) whose work was photographed in the Epsom 09 brochure used large discs on one of her skirts presenting an almost mirror ball effect. Other gowns used circles in the pattern and print of fabrics, like the medieval inspired dresses from Diana Mateeva (Somerset College). I loved the way that Jackie Mok (Manchester School of Art) used circular embellishment on her gowns too, I am a magpie for sparkle and just love the mixture of black and navy or indigo to make a sleek, midnight colour palette!

Diana Mateeva (Somerset College)

Jackie Mok (Manchester School of Art)
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