Saturday, 6 June 2009

EXHIBITION - 100 Years of Selfridges

department store style
I, perhaps foolishly, decided to take a stroll round Selfridges yesterday. There is far too much in that store that I want to buy and far too much that I can't afford. For inspiration, it is the perfect place to go; just make sure your bank balance is looking healthy before you visit because it sure as hell won't be looking that way when you leave.

Down in the Ultralounge in the basement you will currently find a Centenary exhibition to mark the milestone of 100 year's trading. You can visit this display up until 31 August 2009 and I definitely recommend you do. Throughout the store there are products that also mark this momentous occasion with many designers having designed products especially for Selfridges in their signature colours. Just take a look in the shoe department for starters. Harry Gordon Selfridge's original 'showmanship' vision is still as strong in Selfridges today as it has ever been.

I also wonder whether Pantone chose their colour of the year based on the anniversary of Selfridges. I suddenly realised while walking around that this yellow, Mimosa, is a very similar colour to Pantone's 2009 hue of choice. I mentioned this to the store assistant who looked at me rather blankly - I don't think she had even heard of Pantone before, and certainly not the term mimosa.
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