Wednesday, 10 June 2009

DETAIL - GFW Our Feathered Friends

Feathers featured in a few collections on Tuesday at Graduate Fashion Week, and although they show a great deal of skill on the part of the designer, they are not very practical for most situations. The effect on colour and texture though means that practicality can be firmly cast aside for the benefit of dramatic aesthetics. I spotted a fab bag created by Clare Vincent which is shown below. The rich tan colour of the feathers sat alongside purple and sage green garments with a military feel.

Clare Vincent (Manchester School of Art)

Another graduate, Jackie Mok, used feathers to make a skirt. I love the cropped jacket that has been teamed with the skirt too; I need to get me one of those. The skirt was definitely a stand-out garment from Mok's collection and had a sheen that matched the other sleekly midnight hued items in her range.

Jackie Mok (Manchester School of Art)

I decided to ask my Twitter followers what they thought about the practicality of feathers in fashion. Here is what they had to say:

Your view - Twitter

@theLondonista "Practical, no. Beautiful, I think so!"
@laurafleur "probs not, but who cares as they look amazing. I spose enough could create warmth, bird style!!"
@ShopaholicGuide "No. Never. Mustn't get wet. So can't be washed. A disaster at the cleaners. Maybe trimming on a scarf. Otherwise......."
@LouMorgan "Remember Fred Astaire nicknamed Ginger Rogers "Feathers" after one of her dresses moulted all over his tux..."
@Poshswaps "I'm guessing they would be easily lost/ detached, not great for those with allergies but then since when was fashion practical"
@sammyj80 "practical? WELL-in Irish weather that's a definite NO! I'd look like I was having a pillow fight!"
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