Monday, 1 June 2009

BRIDAL - Chief Bridesmaid Duties

Last weekend I fulfilled my chief bridesmaid duties at a friend's wedding in the Sussex countryside. The day started early at the bride's father's house. We all got ready listening to classical music and drinking champagne - it was so tranquil and an ideal way to relieve any last minute stresses. After the hairdressers and make-up artist had gone, it was all about getting the bride into her beautiful dress. About 30 buttons to do up on the back of the dress took some time (and the use of teaspoon handle to hook the buttons into each loop).

wedding style bridalThe flowers arrive! Bride's bouquet is at the front, with the bridesmaid bouquet's behind. The colour scheme was pink, cream and gold. A pretty classic wedding combination.

Unfortunately the Chanel shoes are not mine, but I thought it was the best 'something blue' that the bride could have gone for. The ruffle detail is still really on trend and... well... they are Chanel so who really cares about anything else!

My accessories are shown above and all coordinated with the overall theme. I love the statement flower ring and faux pearls. I will be wearing those again! My shoes were gold and fairly simple. I lasted all day in them too so comfort was an added bonus.

The happy couple cut the cake. I loved this cake, so simple and modern. Top and bottom layers were fruit cake, and the middle tier was carrot cake. This shot also shows off those buttons I mentioned earlier. 15 minutes in and out of that dress; and yes that did mean a bit of a mission every time the bride needed the loo! The wedding breakfast menu was lovely; I opted for smoked haddock to start, followed by duck and finished off with cheesecake.

The fabric of my bridesmaid dress. I would call it a dusky pink or antique rose, and the whole dress had an overlay of lace with gold threads and a strapless bodice. The length was to the knee with netting under the skirt in a prom style. I won't tell you how cheap, but these were an absolute bargain. My tip is don't always head straight to bridal shops for bridesmaid dresses. You can get lovely styles on the high street for half the price.

And here I am sneaking a cheeky glass of wine in after dinner. I will try and post a few of the actual wedding photos here when the couple get back from their honeymoon.
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