Monday, 4 May 2009

SKINCARE - Elemis Taster Facial at Debenhams

As part of the Debenhams Beauty Club Reward Card launch, I took advantage of the opportunity to test out a mini-facial at the Elemis counter. Elemis is a brand that I always thought was a little out of my price range, but after discovering the science behind the products and the pure indulgence of the spa treatments, I am perfectly willing to accept that this really is value for money.

Tips from my Elemis Consultant

When I told my consultant that I occasionally used beauty wipes to take off my make-up she looked horrified. She explained that although this may be quick and easy, it is not good for the skin. Pores are not cleaned and opened by the wipes due to levels of mineral oils and a good cleanse, tone and moisturise routine is really important. I suppose I had better take her advice; I could tell from the start that this was a lady who knew her stuff. Some other tips that came up as we were chatting included:

  • Always remove make-up before bed. If you think you will be too tired, do it as soon as you get home to save yourself a chore at bedtime.
  • Take time to understand your skin type by getting a professional consultation. You may be picking up products each month that are not right for you.
  • Never apply eye cream too close to the eyes as this can highlight dark circles. Follow the natural socket line and pat the cream in gently.
  • Take time off from make-up when you can. Skin likes to be able to breathe, and having the occasional day off will allow skin to recover.
  • Toner is a must! Elemis toners are alcohol-free which means they can also be used to fix make-up once it is applied. Two uses in one.

The spa experience

A facial at Elemis is much more that just the application of some lotions and potions. I was seated in a reclined chair that massages and lengthens the spine with a gentle rolling motion. Other treatments include the use of hot stones around the neck and chest to further relax and enhance the spa feeling. The product used on me which stood out was the Papaya Enzyme Peel; not only did this feel great, it smelled divine. I am also currently using the Pro-Collagen Marine Cream. My mini-facial was finished off with some Lip Revive which felt lovely and really moisturised my lips. I left Debenhams feeling fully refreshed, revived and with a glowing complexion.

Integrity, purity and efficacy

The quality of its products is something that Elemis is very proud of. Elemis never test on animals or use animal derived collagen. They avoid synthetic perfumes, colourings, mineral oils, alcohol and silicones or the use of GM crops. What the products do contain are active natural bases and organic extracts, pure essential oils, natural emulsifiers and medical grade natural actives. This all leads to a scientifically supported recipe for skin success. You will definitely be able to tell the difference once you start an Elemis skincare regime.

So will I be buying Elemis in future?

The answer is a maybe, and the maybe depends on whether I can force myself to stop being a bargain hunter and start looking at my skin as something that needs financial investment. I am not quite 25 yet, but I'm sure that once I start seeing those lines I will be more willing to invest in products with proven results and a higher price tag. Until then, I would certainly be heading to Elemis for the occasional treat, and can't wait to try out the hot stones next time I am visiting the Debenhams store at Westfield, London.

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