Friday, 29 May 2009

MUSIC - Sick Muse by Metric

Resulting from a spontaneous get together with a couple of friends and an HD camera in a neighborhood apartment in Toronto, Metric present their newest music video. The candidly shot “Sick Muse” video gives us a glimpse at the off-stage Metric while reminding us why this song has become such a fan favorite. Click the image above to watch the brand new music video for "Sick Muse", from Metric's new album Fantasies. The video is by Michael Leach and Justin Broadbent.

The lead singer, Emily Haines, shows off some fab sparkly outfits in the video; very Kate Moss actually. Sequins and sparkle in antique silver shades have always been a weakness of mine and this only makes me want to go, right now!

Visit the band's website for more info and tour dates.
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