Monday, 11 May 2009

LINGERIE - My Debenhams Bra Fitting

underwear lingerie bra fitting

Debenhams has been running a campaign urging women to get measured for their bras. The service is completely free, and I buy a lot of my underwear from Debenhams already, yet I had never been fitted myself. I am ashamed to admit it, but I just never prioritised it highly enough.

The fitting

To trial the service, I went to the Oxford Street branch of Debenhams and got fitted for a bra. My fitter was fabulous, friendly and a real expert. She started off by measuring under my bust and asking what size I currently wore. To be honest, she could pretty much tell what size I was just by looking (some men claim to be able to do that, but they would lose against this lady I tell you).

My fitter went to get me some styles to try in two cup sizes. After trying on a couple of styles it became clear that in bras with padding I would require one size, but on those without straps I would need a slightly smaller size. I had no idea about this before, my bra shopping consisted of a 'best guess' approach which, when you think about it, is just silly. We wouldn't guess at our shoe size, so why guess at our bra size? The difference with your boobs of course, is that the size changes; perhaps because of weight loss/gain or just as another part of that dreaded ageing process. We should be getting measured at least once a year if not more regularly than that and I certainly will in future.

The one thing that stood out at my fitting, is that you really get the first class treatment. You need never leave the changing room with your fitter fetching you the sizes and styles you need. The best bit is that the bra fitter will come and check the fit of the straps and ensure the cup is supporting you where it should. Did you know that when you buy a bra, it should always be worn on the last hook? This is because bras stretch over time and you may need to start wearing it tighter to compensate. The back of the bra should also always be in line with the front. If the back rides up, this is a sign that the bra is too big.

As it turned out, I had (like many women) been wearing bras with the wrong cup size. I am a cup size bigger than I thought I was, meaning I could now shop from the 'fuller bust' section. Get me! The proof of the value of getting measured came afterwards though. I thought I would go and browse the store and try on some bras in my new size on my own. Every single bra fitted perfectly, which is something that has not happened in a long time.

My Choice

bra underwear lingerie
I chose to take home a bright patterned set by Masquerade. This bra stood out for me as it was super summery and unlike anything I already had in my collection. I also thought it might look cute if you caught a glimpse down my shirt! Underwear can be seen but still subtle, after all, good underwear should make you feel sexy.

What do you think of my choice?

Also, leave a comment below letting me know when you last got measured. It would be really interesting to know who else has let this important task slip.

Check back later this week for some lingerie buying tips from Debenhams Head of Lingerie Buying.

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