Sunday, 24 May 2009

JEWELLERY - Beautiful jewellery by Phioro

I love jewellery. Name me a girl who doesn't. So I was excited when I recently stumbled upon Phioro by Clare Pardoe, a model and lover of the creative arts.

Clare comments 'Ever since I can remember I have been passionate about art and design, my enthusiasm for my art allows me to work harder than I’d ever thought possible for the sake of creating the perfect object or design.'

And this enthusiasm shows in the wonderful jewellery and treasures that Clare makes. Clare’s latest series, 'Mother's Love', is a collection of Japanese sake cups and a silver jug. The beauty of the female form has been a big influence in this collection. Out of the work shown on the Phioro website though, the rings are the prettiest in my opinion. There is a daintiness and attention to detail that you find from jewellery designers like Alex Monroe. I am sure Clare is destined to go as far in the world of silversmithing and jewellery design. Clare has already had recognition and exhibited in various events and shows across the country.

The jewellery is simple yet striking and it longs to be touched. I think the dew-drop ring is a bit of a masterpiece with delicate holes in the edge of the silver; it would be my first choice from the selection of jewellery. Take a look at some of the fabulous items below and for more styles visit

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