Tuesday, 26 May 2009

INTERVIEW - Marissa of Makeup and Manicures

make up and manicures interview blog
This week it is the turn of Marissa to be interviewed from the blog, Makeup and Manicures. Pop over to her blog and take a look.

Describe your personal style:

"I would say trendy, but still unique. I like to take chances, but nothing too outrageous!

What are your wardrobe staples?
Dark skinny jeans, black pumps (the higher the better), and the perfect LBD.

What inspires you?
Like most young women, I get inspired by the media, celebrities, fashion magazines and websites, but even more, I get inspired by the clothing itself. When a certain piece catches my eye, I know exactly how to style it and I fall in love!

Who is your fashion muse?
Wow, there are way too many fashion icons to choose from. I think right now, especially for younger women, the Kardashian sisters are really relevant, and always hit the nail on the head in regards to fashion. Their style is trendy, sexy, and fun, and they always look put together.

make up and manicures interview blog
What is your favorite purchase of all time?
I’d have to say this one pair of black heels I bought. They aren’t a designer brand, and they weren’t really expensive, but they are so timeless and classic looking. They are 5 inch, closed-toe pumps (I’m only 5’1 so I need all the height I can get). They go with just about anything – from a cocktail dress, to jeans and a t-shirt.

What has been your biggest splurge?
Well, I’ve never been one to spend a lot on just one item. I’m a recent college grad who still hasn’t found a job due to the economy, but I always manage to find amazing deals. ELLE magazine has an ELLE branded line of women’s clothing at Kohl’s. I found a gorgeous black satin cropped trapeze jacket with black stone embellishments along the collar. I got it on sale for $12.

What’s your daily beauty routine?
After I wash my face, I use a gradual tinted moisturizer (Jergen’s Glow for the face). If I am just going out for the day, I apply some bronzer for an instant glow, and usually a cream eyeshadow so I still look casual, but it gives my eyelids a little shimmer. I am a mascara junkie, so I usually apply more than one coat, and black eyeliner is a must. I top off my look with a nude or pale pink lip gloss, and I’m ready to go!

What jewelry do you never take off?
I have two rings from Tiffany’s that were gifts, and I really only take them off to shower, go to the gym, or when I go out at night and decide to just wear one big cocktail ring. Other than that, I love to play around with fun costume jewelry when I go out, whether it be a fun beaded necklace for during the day, or a dressy, heavy necklace at night."

Thanks again to Marissa. Come back next week for another interview.
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