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HAIR - Pudding Bowl Voted Recessionista Fave

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The iconic Pudding Bowl hairstyle, made famous by the likes of Joanna Lumley in the 1970s and more recently by Adele, has been voted as the UK’s top recessionista hairstyle by women’s website The bowl cut was chosen by as the UK’s number one recession busting hairstyle because of its blunt simplicity, which can be easily and cheaply achieved at home. Beauty Editor Katie Corcoran says, “Hairstyles, like fashion come and go in popularity; in the office we’ve seen a growing trend towards hairstyles that can be cut, styled and simply managed at home. Our recessionista readers are looking for cost effective ways to look and feel fantastic. With the Pudding Bowl topping the poll, it is evident that hairstyles, like lifestyles, are reflecting today’s economic crisis.”

The Top 5 UK Recessionista Hairstyles as chosen by are included below along with some tips on how to get the look from celebrity hairdresser, Errol Douglas:

1: Pudding Bowl
Worn by celebrities such as Brit singer Adele this cut get’s its name because the hair is cut in the shape of a pudding bowl – literally! Although wouldn’t suggest getting a pudding bowl and cutting hair around it, what this style does do once cut professionally is grow out well (one cut may save you months of appointments!). It is manageable, great for most hair types and face shapes, and apparently, incredibly fashionable!

Errol Douglas says 'to style the pudding bowl, blow dry it using a round brush with everything going under. Otherwise, use the largest tongs you have or ghds and bend them under as you use them.'

2: Tiffany Tom Boy
Gracing the head of Victoria Beckham – it’s short, manageable and the tousled top sections can be self trimmed, then slicked down. The side-sweeping fringe honours Audrey Hepburn.

Errol Douglas says ' the best thing about this look is the versatility – wear it dishevelled and tousled with product and it looks really cool and gives height to the crown; style it with less product and you get a much more elegant finish. I wouldn’t recommend cutting it yourself but if you’re going to, pull the top sections up straight, hold between your fingers an inch from the top and let the ends fan out, then randomly break up with the point of the scissors. If you’re going to cut at home, invest in some proper hairdressing scissors – regular scissors will mangle the hair.'

3: Soho Rock Chic
The rebellious hair of Kate Moss and Sienna Miller is tamed but not styled, without a rigid cut in sight. It’s artfully messy, shoulder length or longer hair with volume, texture and usually a full on fringe. The dishevelled boho rock chic is an effortless look for maximum wow factor – mess is best.

Errol Douglas says 'to manage this style, start off with a bit of root movement by using a paddle or vent brush. It should look matte rather than shiny, so use a matte gel or putty. Steal your boyfriend’s products for this one to save on pennies!'

4: Rebellious Roots
Following in the footsteps of Mischa Barton and Madonna, roots are no longer an embarrassment and are currently being embraced. It couldn’t be simpler or cheaper to achieve - let the hair grow to get back to the roots for a look that will complement any style.

Errol Douglas says 'There’s a fine line with roots – 2 or 3 inches isn’t good but a couple of centimetres can look great! Plaiting hair with re-growth is a good way to make the most of it as the contrast of colours looks beautiful, or kiss curls, anything flat to the head. Don’t do anything too quiffy – if the hair lifts up you’ll get too obvious a line. If you know you’re not going to have regular retouches make sure your stylist chooses similar colours to start with – this makes regrowth far more subtle and easier to wear.'

5: Skin Head
Probably the most extreme of all recessionista hairstyles but only for the very brave. No hair is maintenance free so this is a true get up and go look. The likes of Erykah Badu and M&S model Noemie Lenoir have carried off the skinhead look to perfection.

Errol Douglas says 'obviously there’s minimum upkeep for this look, but I’d recommend using a wax to rejuvenate and make the scalp look healthy.

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