Saturday, 30 May 2009

HAIR - Paul Labrecque Hair Products

Paul Labrecque is a Hair Stylist with two New York salons. His star studded clientele includes the likes of: Renee Zellweger, Reese Witherspoon, Hilary Swank, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, Helen Mirren, Naomi Watts, Sting and Trudie Styler to name a few. This list in itself qualifies him as an expert in my eyes. He also has a range of hair products to help us achieve some of the great looks he styles, on our own hair.

The A-List Hair Stylist from New York recently added two new products to his luxury haircare line.
Daily Finish Matte Pomade
Used to sculpt, shape and add texture to modern haircuts, it provides a matte finish to your style. The no-flake pomade dries neither hard nor greasy and is perfect for sexy short cuts and that casual relaxed look -£20.00

Repair Condition Restorative Protein Mask
The new protein rich deep conditioning mask is fortified with natural nut oils and lemongrass designed to reverse damage caused by excessive blow drying, flat irons and heat styling. Leave in 3-5 minutes for a daily treatment or up to 20 with heat for a more intense conditioning. Pure lemongrass oil deeply penetrates the hair’s damaged cuticle to rebuild and replenish and natural oils leave hair silky soft, tangle free and more manageable - £24.00

These products are available in the UK at Selfridges and

Paul's Tips for Controlling frizz

We all suffer occasionally, from the dreaded frizzy hair. For a quick cheat, a flat iron and a silicone product such as Frizzies or Paul Labrecque Color Finish will take away frizz for the moment - fast and quick. Longer term, we would try to heal what is there and not create any more frizz. This is a double-edged sword for if you use a flat iron as the frizz is initially gone but in reality, there will be more frizz from intense heat and the pulling motions combined. Follow these 5 steps to repair the hair:

Step One
Deep conditioning every day with Paul Labrecque Repair Condition instant Condition, will shut the cuticle layer down and let the hair begin to heal itself.

Step Two
Protect your hair with a thermal protector before blow-drying.

Step Three
Only use 100% boar Bristle Round Brushes. What these do is stretch the hair while spreading the natural oils from your own scalp. Because Boar is porous, your own body oils get absorbed into the brush thus using your own sebum to condition your hair. Remember you may need more than one size brush - small for hair around the face especially baby hairs, and larger for hair that is longer in length

Step Four
Use Paul Labrecque Color Finish Polish & Seal Droplets (£15) droplets to soothe away any fly-aways that remain when hair is dry.

Step Five
Always bring a loose scrunchy when walking in humidity to keep your hair away from your face especially if your sweaty in nature. Loose scrunchies never mark the hair and are made of either a soft velvet or Terri.

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