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CELEBRITY - Kylie and Gordon Ramsay the Ultimate Power Couple?

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Forget TomKat …The next powerhouse couple according to the ‘Power of 2’ study is none other than foul-mouthed celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay and pop princess Kylie Minogue.

In the study, Gaviscon Double Action Tablets used a unique power of 2 formula developed by relationship expert and psychotherapist Paula Hall to calculate the ultimate partnership, based on talent, ambition and good looks. Beating off strong competition including Simon Cowell and Chris Martin, Ramsay scored full marks for his combination of determination and global success. Miss Minogue, who arguably has become as known for her singing abilities as her wardrobe and charitable work, also topped the chart with a perfect score.

celebrity power couplesCelebrity romances are well-known vehicles for career progression as the inimitable force that is Posh & Becks has proven – Brand Beckham is worth an estimated £40 million. To identify the ultimate “Power Partnership” – fictional or otherwise, the power of 2 study took into account factors including the column inches each celebrity commands as well as career longevity to date and projected earnings.

Says Claire McCormack from Gaviscon Double Action, “The aim of the work we conducted with Paula Hall was to explore the impact that two individuals have when they join forces and the effect that partnership has on the public perception of them.”

Celebrity pairings that didn’t score so highly:
  • Gordon Ramsay and Kylie Minogue - 30
  • Brad Pitt and Cameron Diaz - 20
  • Roman Abramovich and Madonna - 18.6
  • Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet - 13.5
  • Chris Martin and Nigella Lawson - 8.3
  • Simon Cowell and Keira Knightley - 7.7
  • Kanye West and Jennifer Aniston - 6.3
  • Lewis Hamilton and Leona Lewis - 4.7
See how you match with the celebrities

Says Hall, “It's that time of year when budding romances flourish. Although a purely fictional union, Gordon and Kylie as individuals are respected for their achievements, but together they become an unbeatable force. Both come from humble roots from opposite corners of the world and each has been decorated with an OBE; their popularity goes beyond their professional lives into their personal commitments as well.”

Real Couples

Paula Hall has also analysed real couples, always in the media spotlight, to highlight the strengths that each individual brings to the partnership:

David and Victoria Beckham (Power of two score 25)
David is talented and committed to everything he does career and family-wise. He has a cool temperament and he is quiet and considered; nothing he does is unplanned. Victoria, like David, is dedicated to the family and although she has learnt to take more of a back seat, she is far more spontaneous and competitive. Their complimentary strengths come into play in the decision-making process.

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes (Power of two score 18.3)
Tom is Mr. Clean and his reputation means everything to him. Both in his public and personal life he likes to be a leader, which is why his partnership with Katie creates such a balance. Katie is happy to be a follower, but their core values remain the same and they are both dedicated to their family and friends.

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