Saturday, 25 April 2009

SHOPPING - This Week's Purchases

This week I have had a bit more time than usual, so it has been really nice to go out and browse the shops at my leisure. I was not really looking for anything in particular, just for things to jump out and say 'buy me'. There are a few flea markets and vintage shops near where I live so they were my first stops. I very nearly bought a bright pink, 1960's pill box hat. But it didn't look quite right. You have to feel comfortable and confident wearing a hat or it just won't work.

brooch goldbrooch silver

I spotted the two pretty brooches shown above in a flea market and snapped them up. I like attaching brooches to necklaces which gives them a fresh look, and makes them a bit quirkier too. Remember, you don't have to use things for the purpose intended. Attach brooches to hats, bags, other jewellery or even use to hold the straps of a dress behind the neck when they are too long.

gold necklace brooch
Here is an old image of me wearing a brooch to pin the straps of my dress together at the back. Saved me getting my sewing kit out!

brooch silver sparkle

I had also been looking for something that was a bit like a fascinator, but not too 'wedding'. Lucky for me that Primark currently have this cute black flower and netting head band which is ideal. It can be worn with the net at the front or back, and I think it would look great worked into an up-do. May have to experiment with it... just £1.50 by the way!

headband netting
Next on the agenda was a dress. Something bright and cheerful was what I was after, and that is exactly what I found at Dorothy Perkins. I am on a bit of a budget at the moment, so picked this bright jacquard shift up in the sale for £20, reduced from £40. It may still be available, check here. Hurrah!

pink dress
And last but not least, probably the biggest bargain of the entire week. A hot pink pencil skirt... This cost a mere £1.75 in a charity shop. The hue is spot-on eighties pink and I am going to feel just like Sue Ellen from 'Don't tell mom the babysitter's dead' when I wear it. Pictures on a later post I think.

What have you all been buying this week?

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