Monday, 27 April 2009

NEWS - Rare Blue Diamond to be Auctioned

Most girls would not turn down the opportunity to own a massive diamond, but this one is more special than usual. The blue diamond is worth between 3.9 and 5.7 million pounds. Certainly more than I will ever afford to spend on a ring, or in fact, would ever want to. I would feel nervous wearing a ring that cost a fraction of the price in case I lost it. I imagine the new owner will be insuring it straight away.

The flawless, rare diamond goes on sale in May at Sotheby's and is expected to reach a record price per carat. Its high value owes partly to the fact that blue diamonds occur very infrequently. The blue colour appears when in contact with the chemical Boron. The gem came from the Cullinan Mine in South Africa, the same mine that produced the 530 carat Great Star of Africa diamond, which is set in the Crown Jewels.

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