Friday, 10 April 2009

DETAIL - Draped Fabrics

Draped fabrics can be a hit or miss look sometimes. We want to appear well put together and not like we just threw on our bed sheets. The high street right now really has the look down, but still the designers did it better. Max Azira and Louis Vuitton worked the look on the catwalk in Paris and wowed with their original designs.

"Draping is a great way to hide problem areas, or add volume and interest to an otherwise everyday wardrobe item. The warmer weather brings with it a renewed love for light and airy silhouettes - less structure and more loose folds. This season has seen a need for all things Grecian, so release your inner goddess and give draping a go"
suggests Luisa De Paula, Buying & Merchandising Director at

Try adding a tough edge with a cropped leather jacket and caged heels. Don't go for too much floatiness over and above the draped garment or you may end up looking like a pile of laundry. Keep it groomed and most of all, sexy!

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