Tuesday, 31 March 2009

TREND - Caged Shoes

Caged Shoes
Caged Shoes - by The Style PA

Up until a couple of years ago, shoes with too many straps were a bit like the ones your mum would wear. You know, more comfort than fashion. Now however, the strappy sandal has been transformed into bondage chic, certainly not something your mum would wear (unless she is as cool as Kate Moss). As soon as YSL showed off their caged heel, we knew this trend was a bit of a keeper.

I think this is a look that most people can pull off. Unless of course you have particularly chubby feet, in which case, skin poking through the gaps might be a killer of the overall look. If you are short legged, then avoid the boot style versions which will only cut your legs off at a point which will make them seem shorter. To elongate the legs, go for a neutral colour. I am loving the brighter coloured styles that have popped up recently. These are great for summer, and less S&M than the black patent ones.

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