Monday, 30 March 2009

STYLE - The Sounds Have The Style

gig the sounds music
Last night I went and saw The Sounds at Digital in Brighton. I saw them a couple of years ago supporting Panic at the Disco and jumped at the chance to see them when I found out they were playing locally. The band are new wave punk/indie and originate from Sweden. Lead singer Maja has a bad-ass attitude that makes her as big a hit with the ladies, as she is with the men.

Her style always involves showing some leg. She tends to opt for the shortest shorts she can get away with and generally wears black. Last night she played it safe in a pair of black hot pants, belted top and sequin jacket. Simple jewellery finished the look with a cool revolver necklace (pictured below). Something else Maja is know for is her blonde, Charlie's Angels flicked hair. She went through a stage of having her hair shaved on one side, but I much prefer the flicks so was glad to see them back. You can't see it from the pictures, but Maja was wearing some black multi-strapped sandals that fit well into the 'caged' shoe theme that is becoming more of a trend each day.

If anyone is interested in the music, then please visit The Sounds website.

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