Thursday, 26 March 2009

FASHION - Who can Wear Stripey Tights?

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Horizontal stripes are not a girl's best friend, and certainly not when covering the thighs. So who will be wearing this trend that Marc Jacobs featured on the runway at New York fashion week? I can tell you it won't be me. When you spot a toddler in multi-coloured stripey tights, well, it kinda looks cute, but on grown adults... This is a tough look to master. How do you wear something that is reserved for tots without looking like an over-sized version of one?

Other popular adopters of stripey tights include those who like the Gothic look. They probably have a 'Nightmare before Christmas' bag and a few piercings, you know the ones. Imagine not hitting the mark with this look either, you could end up somewhere between Gothic princess and daddy's little princess. Oh dear indeed!

I admit, that the wide striped tights work better, and I am also loving the fact that we are seeing some colour in the Autumn collections, albeit not very much. But I say leave the stripey tights for your kids. Here is Vogue's opinion.

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