Saturday, 28 March 2009

BEAUTY - Covered in a Mudd Mask

I decided my skin was looking a bit zapped of energy today, so I had a nose in my bathroom cabinet for something to indulge in. I found a Mudd mask with a deep cleansing pure clay formula. Sounded ideal, so I slapped the mask all over and got in a towel to wait for it to dry.

The smell of this Mudd mask is really nice, nicer than many others I have tried. It smells perfumed, where many are unscented. The mask goes on smooth and stays put as it is thick enough not to run off the face. Don't forget to apply the mask to the top of the neck too, this area is often neglected but is just as delicate as the face.

After 15 minutes the mud will have dried and this one gets pretty crisp I can tell you. Once you are ready to wash off, get some warm water and use the hands to wet the face. I tend to use baby wipes instead of a flannel. You just rinse them under the tap and throw away afterwards which avoids all the mess. They are also more gentle than a flannel so won't irritate the face.

My skin now feels, and looks, much better and I am ready for the weekend. Why not make time for a little bit of pampering yourself.

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