Wednesday, 25 February 2009

TREND - Turn up the Contrast

ASOS mentioned high contrast colour combinations in a recent email newsletter, and I was already poised with a half written post on the very same subject. Holly Willoughby was spotted working the look recently, and in fact, it works even better on blondes. You need to be comfortable with colour but most people can get away with a bit of a clash, especially if you keep it strong and block colour - avoid fussy details and make sure the colours are the same sort of tone (don't mix a cool blue with a warm purple, it won't work so well).

Clash blue and purple. Bruises might not be pretty, but purple and blue certainly can be. Use as the inspiration for your outfit and you will be sure to stand out. I just love both the dresses in my Polyvore design above, the details are beautiful, but the price tags pretty hefty!

Clash red and yellow. This colour combo is for more than just lifeguards. Fiery and exciting, and it really reminds me of summer too. Heat things up.

Clash pink and green. Pink and green should often be seen. You need to be brave, but give it a try. Keep accessories to a minimum and show off your bold colour combo. I like the different textures in the look above too; the wool of the dress mixed with the patent bag - yet another contrast.

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