Sunday, 22 March 2009

TREND - Acceptable in the Eighties

Grey, blue, black, orange, green and pink. In fact, there are not many colours that are not in there somewhere, and with the eighties, clashing was a good thing. Blue eyeliner is no longer for women stuck in the past, it can look modern and edgy too. And as for huge door knocker earrings - lets just say, Pat Butcher would be jealous.

The High Street is full of fab block colour frocks and fashion staples. One thing I suggest you steer clear of though are jelly shoes... sorry, but I just don't think they are cool for anything except paddling in the sea. Lacoste have tried to bring them into 2009 with these Ithia Jelly shoes but ick!

Try some dance wear a la Fame, and let your baggy tops slip off the shoulder (Cheryl Cole worked this look recently) Nicola Roberts, also from Girls Aloud, wore a dress similar in style to this fab top at ASOS.

Vogue are convinced that eighties is not going anywhere for a while so stock up and maximise your investment by wearing at every opportunity.

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