Monday, 2 February 2009

TIPS - Credit Crunch Spa Ideas

When money is tight, one of the first thing to go will be those little treats. Making time to relax is important though, so here are some tips on getting the spa experience for less.
  • Call spas and ask, ‘What specials are you offering?’ Inquire about off-season deals, cost-cutting packages, specials for new clients and whether certain days or times are cheaper than others. And don’t be afraid to admit that you’re looking for a deal.
  • Go to school. Most cosmetology and massage therapy schools offer a student spa/salon or clinic where treatments are done under the supervision of instructors at a fraction of the price.
  • Consider spa day certificates which can often be a cheaper way to get a day pass and some treatments.
  • Buy in bulk. You might be able to purchase a series of treatments—say, six for the price of five—to be used within a specified amount of time. Some spas offer a frequent-user card and the 10th visit is free.
  • Ask about product deals. As spas make the transition from one season to another or change product lines, they often offer specials. These types of specials are here one day and gone the next, and they aren’t posted online, so call the front desk to ask.
Thanks to the March 2009 issue of ShopSmart for these tips.

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