Sunday, 15 February 2009

ICONS - The Saturdays do Retro Glamour

I love a bit of Retro glamour and that is what the Saturdays are getting right in their latest video for Charity single 'Just can't get enough'. The stylists have given the girls a really young, fresh look with lots of colour, lots of leg on show and they are always seen in massive platform heels (to make us all envy those long legs even more).

music pop fashion style
Yes they are very Girls Aloud, but it sells, and there is plenty of room for a little more fun in the charts. Seeing all those figure hugging outfits certainly make me want to hit the gym. I found it hard to find an image of the Saturdays which wasn't a press image, but did eventually. They even look good when dressing down - all except Molly in those toothpaste trousers!

music pop fashion style
Who is your favourite Saturday?

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