Monday, 20 April 2009

TREND - It's all About Printed Denim?

Fearne Cotton is often spotted in printed denim, and like patterned tights have been all winter, it seems to be a trend on the up. Leopard, floral or folk; plain denim just isn't as high on the fashionista's wish list at the moment. This look works better on skinny or straight legged jeans rather than anything flared or baggy and ASOS is championing printed 'jeggings' as the hottest leg wear this season, read on for more about those.

Shown below are the much sought after flower 'jeggings' by ASOS. I know that my curvy thighs would not look quite right in them, but if you having a leaner, longer leg perhaps they will look great on you. When I was about 9, my best friend's mum had a pair just like them. Shows how those trends just keep on coming back around.

printed flower leggingsPrinted Jeggings - ASOS - £30

If you are wearing printed denim, I think it is important to keep a neutral base by wearing a top in a solid colour. I love clashing, but because of the sheer amount of patterned fabric involved with wearing trousers like these, clashing should be kept to the accessories; perhaps a scarf or headband. These jeans can work to enhance your inner rock chick or girly girl. It all depends on the print you choose and how you wear them.

If all this talk of 'jeggings' has you confused you are not alone, this is a pretty new term and not everyone in the fashion world is convinced, including me. Those at The Fashion Police blog were quite unimpressed, read what they had to say about this new breed of leggings here.

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