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TIPS - Getting 8 Glasses a Day

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We all know that drinking water is good for us and vital for good skin. But that is not the only way to keep your body hydrated. You can eat more foods that have a high water content; and they tend to be a healthier food option too with less fat and sugar. Win, win situation I think. Seeing that 70% of the body is water, you should aim for 70% water intake (or more) to keep things in balance.

Try these...
  • Melon - Watermelon is best, but all melon has a high water content. It is really refreshing too, and healthy. Perfect for summer, try it for breakfast, or as a starter to a main meal.
  • Cucumber - have a cucumber side salad. With 97% water it does a great job in hydrating you. A little bit of balsamic dressing tastes delish on it.
  • Tomatoes - Skewer cherry tomatoes and grill for a taste (and juice) explosion in your mouth. Either that, or add slices to your burger or sarnies.
  • Peaches - switch your banana for a peach if you are feeling parched.
  • Salmon - Have salmon for dinner. Salmon has a higher water content than most meats.
  • Soup - A broth based soup, or chicken noodle soup are great fluid restorers.

For the actual drinking part...
  • I always keep a bottle of squash on my desk at work. I can easily go through 2 litres without thinking about it as it is always to hand.
  • On a night out, opt for soda water with your drinks, or have a glass of water between alcoholic drinks and you will be far less likely to suffer that killer hangover and save some calories too.
  • If you are trying to curb your appetite, drink a pint of water before your dinner, or have a salad before your dinner. You will naturally want to eat less of the higher calorie foods as your stomach has been tricked into feeling more full with the water.
  • If ever you have a headache, the first thing I would do is to drink a glass of water. Dehydration is a common cause of headaches.
  • And finally, tea, coffee, soft drinks and even milk all hydrate you as they are water based. However if you are watching your weight, it makes much more sense to get your intake through plain water or sugar-free squash as these are lower in calories and additives.

Do you drink enough water?

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