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TIPS - Anti-aging Skincare

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Keeping a youthful complexion is mostly down to common sense, partly down to genetics and a little bit down to using the right products. If you live a healthy lifestyle, your chances of slowing down the aging process will be increased. So are you feeling like it is about time you started some preventative measures? Or perhaps you need to reverse the, already evident, effects? Check out the tips below for a push in the right direction...

Wear sunscreen
I like a tan as much as the rest of us, but skin on the face can be sensitive, and a moisturiser with sunscreen is a good idea. Once the summer comes, I benefit from wearing factor 30 on my face as burnt skin does significant and lasting damage. In fact, your whole body should be protected. Opt for a gradual tan moisturiser over sunbeds.

Water and Nutrients

Drinking lots of water is vital for good skin. Try and get your '5 a day' too as vitamins and anti-oxidants will keep you looking fresh. I take a Multibionta multivitamin every day, and if I am feeling run down I have an 'immune support' one.

Make sure you have time in your routine to properly cleanse and tone your skin. If you can, try and give yourself a quick facial massage as this can encourage collagen production. This helps to keep the elasticity of the skin, and therefore a youthful appearance.

Kick the Habit
Smoking is bad; sorry, but it is as simple as that. Not only does nicotine take away minerals and vitamins from the skin, but smoking will encourage wrinkles around the mouth. Even being in a smoky environment will have negative effects on your skin.

Don't Stress
Working too hard and not getting enough sleep all contribute to poor skin. Try and get an early night whenever you can and your skin will thank you.

Choosing a product

So what if your lifestyle choices haven't exactly been the right ones. Then you may have to look for some extra help... Here are a few ingredients to look for in an anti-aging cream?
  • Peptides - these are proteins that boost collagen
  • UVA and UVB sunscreen - to protect from harmful rays
  • Antioxidants such as Coenzyme Q10 or Idebenone - for skin repair
  • Anti-inflammatories such as chamomile or aloe - these are soothing
  • Resurfacers such as retinol - good for cell renewal
  • Vitamin C - boosts circulation
Which brands to choose...
  • Time Delay at Boots.com is a good budget option and smells divine.
  • Nivea and RoC develop advanced formulas with key ingredients for a fair price.
  • And if money is no object it has to be La Prairie.

Regardless of the cost of the product, don't expect results overnight. You need to be dedicated and use a product every day if you are going to see the effects and even then it might be tough to tell the difference. I personally would recommend a good moisturiser that does not irritate your skin and that suits your skin type.

Are there any alternative or natural products that anyone would recommend?

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