Thursday, 15 January 2009

SHOES - On a Shoestring

I love lace up shoes right now; especially for work wear. Most of these pairs are pretty sensible and will keep your feet dry in, what will probably be, a rainy spring. The flat lace up shoes (a la Agyness Deyn) are all the rage too, but I just find them too boyish and not very flattering. I would much rather add a couple of inches or two, then switch to my flats when no one is looking.

on a shoestring
on a shoestring by The Style PA

Lace up boots are a little more daring as going too far can be either fetish or 19th century. These below are a pretty cool pair of boots. I would wear them with tights, a chiffon layered skirt and a cropped leather jacket. A mix of textures that will take you through spring.

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