Sunday, 25 January 2009

PRODUCT - Watch Your Step...

Ice, rain and silly shoes cause embarrassing accidents. Fashion footwear is not always the most practical, but more often than not the pretty pair wins us over and we then spend every wear, watching our step.

shoes heels hearts valentine
Enter Heartstoppers. These grippy pads stick to the bottom of your shoes or boots to stop slippage and avoid any nasty trips or falls. And even better than that, they look cool too if someone catches a glance. They may not have the same appeal as sexy lingerie, but they still fit the Valentine's theme.

shoes heels soles feet
American ladies can get hold of Grippy Steps. Recommended by Tara Swennen, stylist to the likes of Sarah Michelle Geller and Lyndsey Lohan. Red carpet A-listers often reach for some extra grip in their daredevil heels, and who can blame them.

Re-heeling shoes can cost a fair bit, so this is the cheaper option and we could all do with a cheaper option right now.

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